By: Sloane Hughes


This ‘Beauty And The Beast ‘ Parody Is The Funniest Trump Roast Ever

The impeachment trial for Donald Trump is underway, but we ‘re not out of the woods yet. Members of the U.S. Senate are in the middle of day two of the impeachment hearings as I ‘m typing this, and they ‘ve got one more incredibly long day to go. Although it feels like we ‘ve heard the facts of this case recited and discussed for long enough to know them inside out and backwards, it can be easy to forget about or miss Trump ‘s other deplorable (and impeachable) offenses that he ‘s not even on trial for. There ‘s just so many to keep track of!

Don ‘t worry, though, Randy Rainbow ‘s here to refresh our memories ‘

in SONG!

What starts out as a fake interview between Randy Rainbow and Donald “Jessica ‘ Trump quickly turns into the most glorious parody of Beauty and the Beast ‘s “Gaston ‘ that both highlights the insane things he ‘s done and roasts him to crispy orange perfection.

Folks, this video has it all.

? Catchy lyrics!
? Harmonization!
? Disney-level enthusiasm!
? Stunning visual effects!
? Costume changes!

Trump ‘s presidential track record may be truly horrifying, but at least this is a dazzling way to go through it!

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