By: Sloane Hughes


The Space Force Logo Is Literally Just The Star Trek Logo. I ‘m So Tired

Remember back in June of 2018 when Trump unveiled his plan for a new branch of the military, the Space Force, and we all laughed it off because, uh, it ‘s absurd? Well, today President Trump just dropped a Space Force update on us. What is this update? Is it, oh, I dunno, details regarding what the actual function will be? Or, like, any sort of actual information that could shed some light on his grand plans to conquer the galaxy?

Of course it ‘s not.

The big Space Force announcement Trump shared with the world via Twitter today is…

The logo.

Hey, look, sure his impeachment trial is literally underway in the Senate as we speak. Sure he ‘s edging us closer and closer to World War III. And yeah he ‘s also speeding up the climate apocalypse with every single environmental protection act that he shreds up.

But at least we know what the Space Force logo is going to look like, thank god.

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