By: Sloane Hughes

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Annie Murphy Performed ‘A Little Bit Alexis ‘ Live And It ‘s EVERYTHING

Okay, look, I know that we ‘ve been covering a lot of Schitt ‘s Creek content lately, but can you blame us?! Rhetorical question, obviously the answer is no because this show is the SCHITT. (Sorry)

Between Johnny ‘s successful video store empire and motel, Moira ‘s acting and public service careers, David ‘s art curation and artisanal store, Alexis was often overlooked and had a hard time finding her own spotlight amongst the rest of her family ‘ and she faded into the background to the point where her parents actually forgot her middle name for a brief moment. Oopsies! As the show has progressed, however, we all know that Alexis is doing just fine and living the life she deserves. But before she found her footing in Schitt ‘s Creek, she still had one thing that no one else in her family did: a theme song.

And, finally, after a long absence and much anticipation, one-time pop sensation Alexis Rose returned to the stage for a live performance of “A Little Bit Alexis ‘ ‘ with Kelly Clarkson.

Love that for them!!

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