By: Sloane Hughes

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Behold, Three Minutes Of David Saying, “Oh My GOD ‘

Remember last week when I said that I could listen to David Rose of Schitt ‘s Creek saying, “Oh my god, ‘ in disgust all day long?

Well, apparently some wishes can be granted. To pair beautifully with the video compilation of Alexis yelling, “DAVID! ‘ another Schitt ‘s superfan (and gift to all humankind, honestly) has spliced together a video of all the times that David expresses his utter disgust, shock, mortification, existential dread, or any other emotion on his wide spectrum of stress into a perfect two minutes and forty seconds.

Well, okay, let ‘s be real. It ‘s definitely not all the times that David has said, “Oh my god, ‘ because that would be at least an hour long on its own, and I ‘m not going to lie, I ‘d probably still watch all sixty minutes.

Now all we need is a compilation of Moira saying, “AH-LEX-USSS, ‘ and Johnny just looking confused and we ‘ll have a complete set!

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