By: Sloane Hughes

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Trump Proudly Tweets ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm ‘ Clip That ‘s, Uh, Mocking Him

Contrary to what many people may believe, working in comedy under the Trump administration isn ‘t like being a cartoon prospector who just found a hill full of softball-sized gold nuggets. The Don isn ‘t a bottomless well of material ‘ quite the opposite! Sure, in the early days of his presidency he provided almost more fodder than people knew what to do with, but those days are behind us.

That ‘s not to say Trump has become less of a buffoon while in office. He actually somehow manages to continue reaching new levels of nincompoopery never before seen in the White House, but it ‘s become harder and harder to take his raw lunacy and weave it into comedy gold. Why? Well, because it ‘s just not funny anymore, for one. His incompetence isn ‘t novel, it has real ramifications, it ‘s scary, and dangerous, and infuriating, and it ‘s hard to laugh at that.

Secondly, he ‘s almost annoyingly good at self-owns.

Like, shit, the guy literally stood in front of a crowd of people, including cameras, stared into an eclipse, and then pointed at it. He boasted about how “tough, virtually impenetrable ‘ his beloved border wall was ‘ and then it literally blew over in the wind.

WHAT is more funny than that. HOW is anyone supposed to make that more perfectly hilarious than it already is. They can ‘t! I CAN ‘T.

So, I ‘m not even going to try to punch this up. I won ‘t try to make this better than it already is, because there ‘s no point. I ‘m just going to lay it out.

Here ‘s how Trump owned himself online today.

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