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What To Do (And Not Do) On A First Date

Dating is the literal worst

And we just can ‘t seem to solve it. The mysteries and wonders behind this weird ritual of meeting strangers or distant acquaintances/family in public places to sit across from cooked dead things and try to impress each other or ‘ ‘EVEN WORSE STILL ‘ “just be ourselves ‘ ‘ will forever piss us off, make us sad, and fill us with joy.

And we ‘re helpless against it.

But what if that wasn ‘t true?

What if there was a way to know if a date was going well or not?

Hi, America, we ‘re here to tell you there IS in fact a way to know if a date is going well or not. It ‘s by just being yourself and trusting the universe! knowing the First Date Red Flags, and these two ladies know them all. ‘Cause there ‘s a lot.


Director – Miles Bonsignore

Writers – Nicky Hirschhorn & Catherine Bergin

Director Of Photography – Miles Bonsignore

Editor – Miles Bonsignore

Sound Engineer – Ethan Rhanielle


Olivia – ‘Nicky Hirschhorn ‘

Clare – Catherine Bergin ‘

Nick – Peter Donahue ‘

Hannah – Taylor Cooper ‘

Waiter – Pablo Escobosa ‘

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