By: Sloane Hughes

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People Are Recreating Famous Artworks With Whatever They Have And It ‘s AMAZING

Week 3 of quarantine and I ‘m not sure what circle of hell this is but it ‘s definitely one of them. Everyone ‘s top priorities right now are 1. Not getting coronavirus, 2. Scouring the earth for a single roll of toilet paper, and 3. Not going completely insane. Honestly, which of those three things will end up being my undoing is a toss up at this point. It ‘s anyone ‘s game. This is the fourteenth article I ‘ve written about being in quarantine which means this is the fourteenth time I ‘ve had to figure out a new way to write about being in quarantine, so it ‘s safe to say I ‘m pretty close to a psychological break of “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy ‘ proportions.


People have gone to pretty impressive lengths to stay entertained and in good spirits while essentially being on house arrest, and so have some major institutions. The Getty in Los Angeles, like all museums across the country, is closed to the public for the time being. So, since nobody ‘s allowed to walk the grounds and marvel at the works of art throughout it, the Getty Museum posed an unconventional challenge to the public.

Recreate famous pieces of art using whatever they can find in their home.

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