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‘The Coop ‘ Episode 2 Is Here, Who ‘s Your Main Suspect?

You know how every single reality show host says “this is the most dramatic season yet ‘?

Well, this season of The Coop is definitely the most dramatic one yet. I mean, what ‘s more dramatic than finding the hunkiest member of the house dead in the pool? Not a whole lot!

In the season 39 premiere, viewers were introduced to the house members in a pretty unconventional way: by questioning them about the shocking and mysterious death of fellow housemate Ryan. Now in episode 2, you ‘ll get the chance to explore The Coop Mansion, listen in on some juicy conversations, hear some of the cast ‘s theories, investigate clues, and hopefully, uncover some incriminating evidence to help solve this murder mystery.

But who are you going to check in on? Which rooms are you going to do some sleuthing in? Well, that ‘s up to you!

Episode 2 ‘ Friend or Foe

All eyes are on the housemates, but who ‘s got eyes on the eyes filming them?

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