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Story Time With Samuel L. Jackson: “Stay The F*ck At Home ‘

Government officials at municipal, state, and federal levels have all been telling the public to stay home and follow social distancing guidelines for the past several weeks now. So have we, and so has your mom probably. Unfortunately, though, there are still some people out there who are throwing caution and logic and basic human decency to the wind, and continuing to do dumb shit like hang out in groups at golf courses in the middle of a goddamn pandemic.

So! It looks like we ‘re going to have to take a different approach to get those folks onboard with social distancing. Probably something a little more… to the point? Luckily, Samuel L. Jackson has the perfect solution.

Almost a decade ago, Sam Jackson teamed up with children ‘s author Adam Mansbach, narrating his classic book Go the F**k to Sleep for an audiobook as well as for YouTube. As Jackson explained during an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live from earlier this week, Mansbach, inspired by recent events, wrote a follow-up to Go the F**k to Sleep about social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. This version of the poem carries a message that everyone benefits from, and that some people need to hear more than others.

Stay the Fuck at Home.

And, just like there ‘s literally no one better to tell your kids to go the fuck to sleep than Samuel L. Jackson, there is absolutely no one better to tell all these grown-ass adults who still aren ‘t listening to STAY. THE FUCK. AT HOME.

Here ‘s Samuel L. Jackson ‘s full interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live

And here ‘s the uncensored version of the reading, since that ‘s definitely what we ‘re all here for.

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