By: Sloane Hughes

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Behold, 5 Straight Minutes Of David And Alexis ‘ Best Sibling Fights

Can you guys believe it ‘s been ten years since we all started social distancing and were put under coronavirus house arrest?

Oh wait, it ‘s only been two months?

Jesus Christ

I ‘m not sure exactly how everybody ‘s self-isolation is going, but I ‘m willing to bet that most of us are kinda feeling the same way, in that some days are better than others. Some mornings I ‘ll wake up and feel calm and relaxed and try to put a positive spin on things, and have thoughts like, “well I have a ton of time to finish work around the house I ‘ve been meaning to get to! ‘ Some days I wake up and all I want to do is alternate between screaming and crying while pressing my face against the window. One day at a time!

If anyone knows what it ‘s like being stuck in close quarters with almost nothing to do, it ‘s the Rose family. Sharing a tiny motel room with your sibling is not something I ‘d wish upon anybody, and although David and Alexis could come and go as they please, there ‘s like 50 people in the town of Schitt ‘s Creek, so they were pretty much always social distancing by default. If you ‘re self-isolating with family, or even with a roommate, and if you feel like you ‘re kinda losing your mind, this compilation put together by Vulture is definitely for you.

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