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Look Your Best (And Stay Comfy) While Working From Home

Virtual meetings are, honestly, kind of weird.

Sure, when you were working in your office you still had to dress the part, but it ‘s one thing to sit in a meeting in a conference room and it ‘s another thing to stare at yourself talking while in a Zoom meeting.

Working from home doesn ‘t have to be uncomfortable, though! Thanks to the Walmart app, you can shop for outfits that will have you looking and feeling your best in all your video conferences, from the comfort of your home office chair. Or, more realistically, you can shop for all the silkiest PJ ‘s, comfiest sweatpants, and softest tees Walmart has to offer. Since, y ‘know, your webcam is “broken ‘. (It ‘s fine, we won ‘t tell anyone.)

Stay comfy, and stay safe.

Work from home outfit of the day ft. Robin Thede

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