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Article by Robert Smigel

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QUARANTINE SQUARES: A gameshow hosted by Triumph The Insult Comic Dog

During this awful pandemic and lockdown, it ‘s been inspiring to see celebrities find creative ways to get the attention and validation they so desperately crave.

Whether it ‘s butchering Beatles songs or just making an entire civil rights movement about them, Hollywood is here for us. But who is there for Hollywood? Who is there for celebrities that don ‘t seek validation, but rather, humiliation?

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog does his part to fill that role as host of Let ‘s Make A Poop ‘s “Quarantine Squares ‘ edition, providing desperately needed air time and poopery for Jason Alexander, Julie Bowen, Kenan Thompson, Susie Essman, Ken Jeong, Tom Arnold, James Carville, Anthony Scaramucci and Joey Fatone.

They ‘re all playing for two contestants who ‘ve been screwed over badly during the pandemic, so we can all feel good about ourselves. Featuring announcer Michael Winslow, the “Police Academy ‘ legend who can recreate any sound, except that of a casting director saying “yes ‘.


Produced by:

Robert Smigel and Jeremy Schaftel

Written by:

Amanda Melson, Dave Sirus, Josh Comers, David Taylor, Andrew Weinberg, Ray James, Bob Powers, Brian Reich, David Feldman, Todd Levin, plus Jeremy and Mr. Smigel

Talent Coordinator:

Keri O ‘Keefe

Technical Director:

C.J. Brion –

Recorded by:

Funny Or Die

Music arranged by:

Dan Reitz

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