By: Alec Castillo

With Abhi Chatterjee and Patrick McCarthy


This Pair of Lungs Is Going Through A Lot Right Now

Lungs is an anti-drug advocating mascot, not too different than that D.A.R.E. lion, and ends up becoming a nationwide phenomenon. Lunchboxes. T-shirts. Dr Pepper partnerships. You name it.

But with his new stardom comes the weight of other people ‘s expectations on his shoulders-or, uh, his lungs. And as any pack-a-day smoker would know, the best way remedy for this is through a good ol ‘ fashioned nicotine addiction.

This cartoon world is shared by both humans and organs. How is that possible, you might ask? It goes deeper than you think. If you ‘re an organ donor and you die, then your organs are free reign. Your lungs can pop right out of your dumb dead body and start their own career in show business.

The integration of organs into society is a rocky one. Some humans would discredit the role of organs, citing that organs are only around to “serve us. ‘ Many disenfranchised organs, like the Appendix, have found themselves homeless and suffering.

Maybe someday Lungs can save us all and bridge the gap between humans and organs ‘ that is, if he can quit smoking.

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