By: Johnno Wilson

Article by Kat Curtis

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Johnno and Michael Try A Career Day

Career Day has a reputation for being notoriously underwhelming.

Most schools don ‘t have the time or resources to provide a comprehensive career day because most schools in the United States are so devastatingly underfunded, so most career days are a mixed bag of well-intentioned volunteers from local and corporate businesses who will give you their two cents how how to get a job while low-key pitching you on applying to their company. This is totally a step in the right direction, but students definitely need more.

LUCKY – JOHNNO AND MICHAEL ARE DOING THEIR OWN CARRER DAY AND PLAN TO BE TOTALLY HONEST ABOUT HOW BRUTAL PURSUING YOUR DREAMS CAN BE. No toxic positivity here folks – just Johnno and Michael sharing the secrets on how to be a successful, bookable actor while also being honest about how much (and how hard) you will fail before you see any amount of success. It ain ‘t glamours – but hey, at least you ‘re failing at doing what you love instead of failing (or being mildly successful) at something you hate!

A note from FOD: please don ‘t just rely solely on your school ‘s career day (or Johnno and Michael ‘s career day) to dictate your career path – use the Internet, your friends, and your family as a resource. Make yourself personally responsible for your own success so that, years later, you ‘re not one of those people who blames everyone around them for being unhappy.

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Johnno: Johnno Wilson, @johnnowilson

Michael: Michael Strassner, @strasshola

Maddy: Maddy Coghlan, @Maddyc17

Strange Man: Jon Ebeling, @jonebeling


In this series, Johnno and Michael try things. The two aren ‘t always successful and (often) hilariously fail, but hey – at least they ‘re having fun!

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