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Article by Kat Curtis

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Johnno And Michael Try To Win Their Girlfriends Back

Ah yes, the ionic boombox motif – the surefire way to win back your girlfriend in the 80s.

… but it isn ‘t the 80s anymore and women can ‘t been “won ‘ – so Johnno and Michael are going to have to do a lot more than lift a radio over their heads to impress Cindy and Rita.

In the episode of Johnno And Michael Try, Johnno tries to convince Cindy to give him a second chance while Michael tries to convince Rita (Cindy ‘s best friend) to give him any chance at all.

The two try every 80s romcom trick in the book to prove their affection, including:

  • Showing up at Cindy and Rita ‘s apartment unannounced and violating local noise pollution ordinances by blasting 80s music on an arcaic boombox
  • Making dope mix tapes (how did they even find a cassette tape!?)
  • Singing an impromptu freestyle love song to the beat of Taylor Dayne ‘s “Tell It To My Heart ‘ (great in the movies, awful in real life)

Though the chances of Johnno AND Michael being successful at their romantic endeavor is slim to none, lets imagine it did work out – THE DOUBLE DATES WOULD BE EPIC! They could coordinate dinners, anniversary gifts – THE ROMANTIC POSSIBILITIES WOULD BE ENDLESS!

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In this series, Johnno and Michael try things. The two aren ‘t always successful and (often) hilariously fail, but hey – at least they ‘re having fun!

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