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TikToks You ‘ll Wanna Watch Before The App Gets Banned


But while we still have the app, I wanted to highlight the three funniest accounts I ‘ve come across this week: Nicole DuBois, Daniel Spencer, and Jeff Wright.

The reason you may not have discovered these accounts on your own is because TikTok serves as a platform for A LOT of interests (DIY videos, challenging stereotypical gender norms, encouraging political activism, etc) so it can be really time-consuming to wade through all that content to find the comedy accounts you ‘re actually interested in watching.


Hi, I ‘m ‘Kat ‘- I have 1.5M followers on TikTok and I spend more time engaging with people I ‘ve met through TikTok than I do interacting with people in real life. If you like ‘Funny Or Die, I think you ‘ll LOVE these three TikTok accounts!

SIDE NOTE: as a TikTok creator on the platform, I have a TON of feelings about the potential ban, and I really hope it doesn ‘t happen for the simple fact that it would screw over a lot of content creators that have found (and grown!) their fanbase on the platform AND rely on TikTok for income. So fingers crossed that the TikTok x Microsoft acquisition works out!

*If you want more information about the potential TikTok ban, I ‘ve added links to the bottom of this article.

Anyway – here are this week ‘s Highlighted TikTok Creators:

Nicole DuBois ‘ 183K followers (@nickydoobs)

Instagram | YouTube | Website

If you love Molly Shannon or Kristen Wiig, YOU ARE GONNA LOVE NICKY DOOBS! She is best known on the platform for her neurotic and topical characters including:

  • Girl from Florida: a high-energy character that pokes fun at Floridan stereotypes that may or may not be extremely accurate
  • Girl Who Got Canceled By Her Friend Group: an over-the-top impression of that one problematic, definitely-needs-therapy friend we all have (or had)
  • Hallmark Presents: a character that hilariously satirizes oppressive female stereotypes often showcased in Hallmark movies

Daniel Spencer ‘ 1.6M followers (@danbanbam)

Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

If you ‘ve been on Reddit (or any other platform really) recently, you ‘ve probably seen Daniel Spender ‘s “everything is cake ‘ and “everything is ramen ‘ videos (which collectively have over 16M views!). On TikTok, he does LGBTQ+ inclusive skits and characters including:

  • Vibe Check: an edgy political character that roasts politically-incorrect topics and people
  • Mother / Mary: this Jane Austin-inspired persona is technically two characters: “Mary ‘ comes to “Mother ‘ with their self-esteem issues, and Mother uses Gen Z lingo (like “savage ‘ and “okurrr ‘) to hype Mary ‘s confidence back up. If you didn ‘t understand anything you just read… just watch the video. You ‘ll get it. I believe in you!
  • Spilling The Tea: sassy, high-energy factual (yet hilarious) mirror rants about topical issues everyday problems. He ‘s the outspoken hero we all desperately need (and deserve).

Jeff Wright ‘ ‘ 2.3M followers (@jeffrightnow)

Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

If you ‘re new to TikTok (or introducing someone to the platform) Jeff Wright ‘s videos are the perfect way to ease into the world of TikTok. His comedy style is similar to traditional sketch comedy, yet his content is extremely relevant, relatable, and just the right amount of weird to keep you coming back for more. Here are a few of his best videos to start (or continue) your TikTok journey:

Like my TikTok recommendations? Cool. Got better ones? Awesome! If there ‘s a TikTok account you think FOD should feature, send it my way:

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