A bunch of Millennial Idiots talk about their Investments

You should not, under any circumstance, follow any of the financial “advice ‘ in these commercials. They don ‘t understand how money works. These millennials aren ‘t even blowing their money on overpriced avocado toast, they ‘re buying creatures on the street, and a new set of windshield wipers every day. I ‘m pretty sure that one guy forgot whether he was a bike courier or an actor! And they left it in the commercial!

Long story short, a few years ago these Wealthsimple ads were in front of every YouTube video, so HUNKS decided to make a bunch of our own. There was some scripting, but most of these were improvised answers to questions asked off-camera.

Look, HUNKS is a sketch comedy group from Winnipeg, got it? You can subscribe to their YouTube channel ‘here. They have a podcast you can listen to ‘here ‘(or anywhere you subscribe to podcasts). DM them dick pics ‘here.

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