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The First Look At Jim Carrey As Biden Is Here, And There ‘s No Malarky

October 2020 update

The day is almost upon us!

This Saturday, SNL season 46 arrives on NBC and is bringing with it, as we all know, Maya Rudolph to reprise her role as Kamala Harris, Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, and, for the first time ever, Jim Carrey to take the stage as former VP and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Yesterday, Saturday Night Live gave us a brief, but thoroughly exciting teaser for what ‘s to come tomorrow.

And, folks, Jim Carrey looks really, really good.

They wig is phenomenal, the dyed eyebrows are a little frightening but unfortunately also very accurate, and, most importantly, he nailed Biden ‘s trademark, uber-wide smile.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and the shutdown of regularly functioning society, the days have all kind of blurred together. There hasn ‘t been a single morning where I ‘ve woken up confident about what day it is in probably a month. Thankfully there are still a few markers to help us perceive the passage of time, like when my landlord stops ignoring all my text messages asking if I ‘m ever going to get the mailbox that ‘s included in my lease in order to remind me it ‘s the first of the month so fork over the rent, and, more pleasantly, the return of Saturday Night Live.

October 3 marks the beginning of season 46 (so, next month. It ‘s September, by the way) and today, we all got some exciting updates on what ‘s to come.

Before we get into it, though ‘ it ‘s important to note that SNL is working with Governor Cuomo and other officials to ensure everyone is safe and within the proper COVID safety guidelines.

First, there will be three new folks joining the roster along with the entire cast from last season. Comic and former staff writer Andrew Dismukes, comedian and actor Lauren Holt, and comedian and writer Punkie Johnson. Secondly, they ‘re bringing in another comedian you may have heard of ‘ Jim Carrey. He ‘s pretty funny, I think he ‘s gonna be big someday. Jim Carrey will join this season to play Joe Biden, a role that ‘s been passed between Jason Sudeikis, John Mulaney, and Woody Harrelson.

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