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Drunk Article #16: Some Errands I Got Done While Everyone Else Was Drinking

I don ‘t drink, so while everyone else here was getting hammered, I took the opportunity to run some errands. Here ‘s what I did:

Went To The Post Office On 27th Street

I needed to mail a copy of PBQ, the ‘zine that I sometimes publish. Normally, I think it might be risky to use this forum to self-promote, but since everyone is completely shit-housed, I ‘m just gonna go ahead and say that you can buy the 'zine HERE (it features writers from Community, The Onion, The Colbert Report and more!).

Went To Birch Coffee On 27th Street

This place has pretty good coffee, and it ‘s always inexplicably filled with really attractive people. I got a Caff ‘ Americano (Americano), and it was good. I tipped $0.75, because the coffee cost $3.25. I paid with a $10 bill, so I got a single, a fiver and three quarters back. I thought about tipping with the single, but ultimately I felt that tipping $0.75 on a $3.25 drink was pretty fair.

Thought About Getting A Haircut At Roman ‘s Barber Shop On 31st Street

I thought about getting a haircut here, but I was starting to feel like I had already been away from the office for a pretty long time, and I wanted to get this stupid article done so I could justify leaving really early, at the point when the drunk people are too drunk to really notice. I might go back later on today and get the haircut.

Went To JHU Comics On 32nd Street

This place is great. I go here a lot and I almost never buy anything, and they ‘re pretty cool about it. I used to collect a lot of Image comics in the Spawn era, but then I stopped really paying attention to comics for a long time. Now I ‘m getting back into it a bit, and it turns out Image is putting out some of the best and most consistently innovative titles! I mean, Saga) ‘need I say more?
I also got the first trade paperback of Southern Bastards here a few weeks ago, but I haven ‘t read it yet ‘it ‘s supposed to be really good. I think I ‘m going to try to get them to stock some issues of PBQ (the ‘zine I publish) because they have a little section for local 'zines.

At this point, I had been away from the office for the better part of an hour, so I headed back.

Went Home

Fuck it. I ‘m bored and this article is a huge waste of time, so I ‘m going home. I ‘m not going to get the haircut. Buy PBQ.

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