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High Article #6: Ugh This Was Maybe A Bad Idea, I Can ‘t Write Articles Right Now

Hello and welcome to this article called ‘UGH THIS WAS A MAYBE BAD IDEA, I CAN ‘T WRITE ARTICLES RIGHT NOW” and in that title by ‘this” i mean trying to write articles at all today!!!!! i feel so tired right now, how did i think i ‘d be able to accomplish / i ‘m not sure i can write an article right now because i have to take breaks to put my fingers on my forehead to test my temperature, did you notice how i was not even able to finish that last sentence / also i keep shaking and like NOTICING it when I ‘m shaking and it makes it hard to be still and type! I suppose the nice thing fromt his is that my muscles feel better and they ‘ve been hurting recently so that ‘s nice / but a lot of things keep getting in the way of me writing or even thinking about something to write. Like we just watched the Jurrasic World trailer (cool trailer for sure 🙂 !) and then during that I decided to sit in a fetal position on my rollie chair and it ‘s kind of getting in the way of my typing like I am expending a weird amount of energy just sitting up to type this??? I would maybe write some of it out in shorthand but I think my handwriting would be to

Attention span level is at its minimum right now. Keep stopping to listen to other people talk. Stopping to snap fingers. Earlier today I took like a twelve minute break to listen to this Suzanne Vega songand then this Natalie Imbruglia song and then this Sixpence None The Richer song, which is my fav karaoke go-to. How did I expect myself to be able to maintain enough attention to make it through writing an article? I don ‘t regret this necessarily because I ‘m having a nice time! Listening to karaoke favs, talking to my work friends, smiling all the time and really enjoying the taste of our coffee. Wouldn ‘t trade this feeling for THE WORLD but listen, I just feel bad that I ‘m not going to be able to produce any content for our Website today. They trusted me to do so and I ‘m failing. Also right now if I stop for a second I can feel how hard my heart is beating. YO it ‘s beating for real.

Before I forget I just wanna say when i pitched this concept of this article everyone was very nice, Pat checked to make sure that I am Happy and Healthy right after i said anything because I think saying that you are shaking and can ‘t stop noticing it can be super concerning for people to hear!!! Woops I ‘m sorry all of you!

How did I expect to accomplish the writing of a whole article when I can ‘t even really perform normal tasks! For instance, I tried snapping a pic of me petting Olive our office dog for the day but I forgot how to use my cameraphone and it took so long and flashed and I just got this AWFUL photo of me clutching at Olive ‘s poor little tail which is NOT how i would like to treat any dog ever I want to scratch their ears and bellies and all the spots they like NOT pull their tail like a grumpy needy baby

the tail grab i mentioned, i feel AWFUL about it but i promise i didn ‘t like YANK it i just was completing the pet sesh i had started

This is me finally achieving a quality pet photo and olive looks supes pissed at me 🙁 zack is in the kitchen too and i ran into the kitchen full speed to take this without even saying a word to him

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