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All Channels Challenge: Progress Updates

Every month, we at Funny or Die pay for a huge number of channels on cable TV. We decided that we might as well get our money ‘s worth out of them, by asking two goofballs to watch every single one of them for ten hours without any breaks.

Meet Wes and Parker. They are great friends and they love TV.

Funny Or Die challenged comedians, friends, and TV maniacs Wes Schlagenhauf and Parker Seaman to sit in a room and watch every channel we get on our TV. Seems pretty easy, right? It isn ‘t, because the majority of these channels are terrible such as The Old Stinky Hamper Network and The Spit Network (probably). Also they abandoned their mothers to be here. Here are the rules:

  • The All Channels Challenge shall last 10 hours.
  • Every channel must be watched for 5 minutes.
  • No channel can be skipped.
  • No breaks for any reason whatsoever.
  • You can go to the bathroom though.

As these dudes go HAM watching TV, we ‘ll keep you all updated right here with their thoughts and also their vital signs because this challenge very well could kill them. Cheah!!! Updates to come!!!

11:59 AM – This is about to go down.

This busy room will be our home base for TV binging.

12:07 PM – CH. 1 – WINS: Throw Out Your Makeup!

The speakers and blasting, the snacks are flowing, and we are now watching TV. The guys are learning to throw out their makeup. This is a lesson we should all learn and we learned it right here using the power of TV. Imagining everything we will learn over the next 10 hours lifts me and inspires me.

Also the fire alarm is going off.

1:06 PM – CH. 5 – KTLA: Armando Montelongo Flipping

The guys wanted to get schooled in flipping houses. No such luck. Get it together, Armando.

Wes and Parker just called a 1-800 number for a seminar that taught you how to make a million by flipping houses. The person who answered the phone had not even taken the seminar. Doesn ‘t inspire a lot of confidence. Armando Montelongo just lost a potential customer and could definitely stand to strengthen his brand.

1:19 PM – CH. 7 – ABC – Bulls game and a visit from a friend

This stranger was looking for his wallet. He was weirdly nude but was very kind.

Wes and Parker had an awesome time watching the Bulls game until a naked dude came by looking for his wallet. Just goes to show that anything can happen when you ‘re watching TV. The man used a camera to cover his privates.

1:51 PM – CH. 24 – KVCR2 – Untamed Gourmet and coach Todd

‘Watching TV requires a lot of discipline. You cannot go to the bathroom right now.” – Todd from FOD Data

These guys are watching a low budget cooking show which is pretty boring. But things got interesting when a man named Coach Todd from FOD ‘s Data Department came in and told them they might not be able to go to the bathroom for ten hours.

2:00 PM – CH. 28 – KVMD – Aging Backwards with Miranda Esmonde-White and chicken

Good skin and good chicken!! Yum!!

The guys are getting a bit fatigued and the tension in the room is palpable. But we got them some chicken to make everyone feel more comfortable and more at home. A whole bucket, along with gravy, potatoes, and mac ‘n ‘ cheese. These are the foods of Mother ‘s Day.

2:10 PM – Ch. 30 KPXN – Ghost Whisperer and guitar

TV is a little bit sweeter with the delicious licks from Wes ‘s guitar.

The magic of the show Ghost Whisperer inspired Wes to grab his guitar and start strumming. Not entirely sure what the show is about. It ‘s got a lot of soft colors in it.

2:13 PM – No time for Mom

Wes ‘s mom is texting him but Hallmark Holidays take second priority to epic FOD challenges such as watching 10 hours of TV. They invented Mother ‘s Day to sell greeting cards people!!

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