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Catch A Glimpse Of New ‘Late Show’ Host Stephen Colbert As He Shaves His Beard For Work

It ‘s been half a year now since Stephen Colbert left The Colbert Report to focus on the growth of his white, internet-famous beard. But things change, and there comes a time when late night hosts have to say goodbye to their beards, even beards that have been described by various websites as ‘glorious, ‘ “epic wizard, ‘ “the hottest thing you ‘ll see all day, ‘ ‘glorious,” and, of course, ‘glorious.”

It ‘s nice to see Colbert after months of not seeing much of him at all, and though there ‘s three more months before he debuts as host of the Late Show in September, there will probably be more video teasers like this one to tide us over. For now, watch below to see Stephen Colbert groom his face and ruin a perfectly good hot dog in the process.

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