By: Matt Dwyer

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Scott Walker’s History Of Misinformation And Bigotry

On a recent campaign stop in Las Vegas Republican presidential hopeful Scott Walker stated he supports a ban on gays in the Boy Scouts because, ‘It protects our children.” This isn ‘t the only instance of Walker relying on myths or stereotypes to oppress a minority group. Mr. Walker is suing the federal government so his home state of Wisconsin can drug test welfare recipients.

Sadly Scott Walker has been using fear tactics as political leverage for years. We dug through past speeches and interviews and found some statements that range from alarming to batshit crazy.

‘People from Puerto Rico only dwell upon the earth after midnight and eat the hearts of the elderly for sustenance.” ‘ 2012 Speech To The Madison Rotary Club

‘African Americans not only have an extra bone in their foot they also worship plants and know a secret language to communicate with sea otters.” ‘ 2014 Milwaukee Post Interview (Oddly the topic was renewable energy)

‘Doing marijuana will make you go blind and masturbate feverishly to the Golden Girls. ‘ – 2009 – Milwaukee High School Graduation Commencement Speech

‘If you forget to say amen, God will keep listening. Please, don ‘t make God listen while you chew on a Big Mac. He will make you Jewish.” – 2011 Teacher ‘s Union Gathering

‘Canadians worship Satan and have sexual lust for maple trees. ‘ – 2001 Milwaukee Brewers Opening Day Ceremonies.

‘You can pray the gay away, but gay people can pray to their gay God harder and keep you gay, thus you need to pray even harder to remain straight.” ‘ 2014 Chicago Tribune

“I believe I can be the president of the United States of America.”-2015

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