By: Madalyn Baldanzi

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Probable Titles For Your Miley Cyrus VMAs Think Piece

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This week, MTV announced that Miley Cyrus is hosting the 2015 VMAs. Considering what happened after Miley ‘s performance in 2013, I ‘m guessing that there ‘s going to be a tornado of think pieces about whatever she does this time. I ‘ve decided to get a head start on my think piece. Here are some probable titles.

Were Miley ‘s Handgun Mascots Worn By White Alabama Police Officers Racist, Or A Celebration Of America?

Blumpkins: The New Twerking?

Is Smelling Your Armpit The New Sticking Out Your Tongue? And Is That OK?

Yes, It Is Still Cultural Appropriation If The Kimonos Are Neon Confederate Flag Print

Will Miley Apologize To The Quadriplegic Community For Her Wheelchair Minstrelsy?

Miley Cyrus ‘ Toes: A Debate

Miley Cyrus Got Every Republican Candidate To Twerk On Stage Together Last Night, And I Thought It Was Awesome

Mexican Children Dressed As Trippy Aliens: Miley Has Finally Gone Too Far. Or Wait A Minute, Is That Actually A Brilliant Commentary On The Right ‘s Immigration Policies? Fuck, I ‘m Not Sure Anymore.

Yelling ‘Suck My Clit, Yo” Over and Over: A Feminist Manifesto?

What Message Does Emerging Dressed As A Cat From A Giant Blunt Send To Little Girls?

Maybe Miley Is Right ‘ ISIS Can Be Cool

In Defense Of Miley and Taylor Swift Getting Married On Stage By A Homeless Minister

Slut Shaming: Puff Daddy ‘s Negative Reaction To Miley ‘s Bottom-Only Nudity

Miley Cyrus Didn ‘t Do Anything Interesting ‘ Which Is The Most Interesting Thing She Could Have Done

Let ‘s Talk About Iran Instead Of This

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