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Backstreet Boy Nick Carter Thinks His ‘Zombie Western Futuristic Horror Movie” Is Awesome

Wow! These Backstreet Boys are making a movie!

Members of the 1990s teenage heartthrob boy bands Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC are teaming up to make a ‘zombie Western futuristic horror movie” produced by the team behind Sharknado. The movie, currently known as Dead 7, will star Backstreet Boy Nick Carter as a ‘good guy that ‘s going to help save the day.” The movie will also feature Backstreet Boy AJ McLean as the film ‘s villain, Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough, and *NSYNC ‘s Joey Fatone.

We have an exclusive interview with the movie ‘s writer and lead actor, Nick Carter, who is totally convinced that his upcoming movie is going to be awesome.

Q: How did you come up with the idea for a zombie, Western, futuristic, horror movie?
A: This is so great: each of these film genres, individually, has been done. Like a million times. But have you ever seen them all done together? Nope. And I can ‘t really figure out why! They go so well together! Genius, right?

Q: Sure. But isn ‘t that a lot of genres to stuff into one movie?
A: Um, I ‘m a Backstreet Boy, so I think I know what I ‘m doing! In addition to the zombie-slash-Western-slash-futuristic-slash-horror thing, I ‘ve also worked a bunch of tr ‘s cool singing and dance routines into the film, so I guess you could also call it a musical. And everyone in the film will be wearing matching outfits ‘ shiny denim hoodies with sparkly cowboy hats. It ‘s going to be a masterpiece.

Q: Why are you making a movie?
A: It ‘s pretty obvious. I ‘m making a film because people are clamoring to see Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC together in a film. Duh. I don ‘t know if you know this, but the 90s are tr ‘s popular right now. I ‘m also going to see if Jordan Knight of the New Kids on the Block wants join my film, because why the fuck not. I figure the more ingredients I throw into the pot, the better the recipe will turn out. More is more!

Q: What ‘s the plot of the movie?
A: Well, I don ‘t want to reveal too much of the film ‘s plot, but it ‘s about a zombie cowboy from the future who terrorizes people in a horrific way. It really just writes itself!

Q: And you play the lead, right?
A: Yeah. When you write a film, you obviously get to play the lead. That ‘s 100% how it always works. And AJ McLean is playing the villain ‘ he ‘s always the ‘bad boy.”

Q: Are you using any actors that aren ‘t pop music stars?
A: Absolutely not. If you weren ‘t in a boy band in the 90s, you aren ‘t allowed in my film. I want the cast to be a bunch of oldish guys who haven ‘t really ever done much acting, but are tr ‘s good at harmonies and choreographed dances.

Q: Does your character have a love interest in the movie?
A: I think the love we boys have for each other is enough, don ‘t you?

Q: Is Justin Timberlake going to be joining the movie?
A: You know, I think so! Although he hasn ‘t really committed to the film yet. I ‘ve been calling him every day for a few months now, but he hasn ‘t picked up. Well, actually, one time Justin picked up and he was like, ‘Who ‘s Nick Carter? I think you got the wrong number,” and then hung up. Haha, what a prankster! But seriously, I ‘m sure he ‘s just busy because he has a baby now. Even Joey Fatone tried calling on my behalf, and it went straight to voicemail. Man, Justin is the best. Love that guy. We ‘re like best friends. It ‘s going to be tr ‘s awesome when Justin and I win an Oscar for this film!

Q: This movie-

Q: Okay, whatever, this film is being produced by the people who made Sharknado. Does that mean there will be sharks in it?
A: No. My film is sharkless.

Q: Why is it sharkless?
A: Because I want it that way.

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