By: Mark Kramer

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7 Clouds That Are Trying Too Hard

Ever see a cloud and think, “hey, why are you trying so hard? ‘ Here are seven of the sky ‘s most annoying overachievers:

Puffy White Cloud

Look at this guy. Sitting there, flexing in the sun like some frat kid “studying abroad ‘ in Ibiza. We get it, your beauty is unmatched on this earth. Stop trying so hard.

Marshmallow Cloud

Ugh, how many reminders of the eternal heavens that await us do we even need? Look closely at this one. What do you see? Probably Anne Hathaway, because this cloud is trying too damn hard.

Cumulonimbus Cloud

You ‘re not impressing anyone with the name “Cumulonimbus. ‘ You sound like a character from Game of Thrones. Try something simple, like “Dan ‘ or “Jill. ‘ Don ‘t try so hard.

Cloud from Final Fantasy VII

Jeez, Cloud from Final Fantasy VII, that ‘s quite the sword. Overcompensating much? And what ‘s with the hair? You ‘re heading to caves and dungeons, not the club.You ‘re trying too hard, bro.

The Cloud

It takes a lot of balls to call yourself The Cloud. What even are you? A network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data? Sounds like a bit much. You don ‘t have to try that hard.

Lightning Cloud

Ooooooooh, dark and scary lightning cloud going to try and electrocute me? We all know your aim is terrible. So you ‘re a mighty instrument of God ‘s wrath, BFD. Stop trying so hard, buddy.

Mushroom Cloud

OK, we probably deserve you.

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