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Very Opinionated Dog Protests His Dog Problems With Hilarious Signs

At this point in time tension and societal unrest are extremely high, which is evident from, well… *gesturing at everything* I dunno, all of the stuff currently happening. Things are kind of definitely going to shit on all fronts, there ‘s a lot to be upset about or outraged by, and a lot that needs changing. Although it can often feel like there ‘s nothing that you, just one regular person, can do to enact change, it ‘s important to remember that your voice is a powerful tool and your actions do matter and do make a difference. And one of the best ways to help bring attention to issues that you care about and want to be involved in is to get out there and join rallies. Make a sign! Get arrested with Jane Fonda! Make your momma proud!

If you ‘re afraid of getting out there and being part of a cause, though, maybe start by taking some inspiration from others who are bravely standing up for what they believe in.

Like Baboy, incredibly dedicated activist and certified good boy.

If anyone knows how hard it can be to be listened to, it ‘s Baboy. I mean, he ‘s a dog, so the chances of him getting his messages across by barking them out are pretty slim. That ‘s why he uses bold, Sharpied signs to champion his causes.

(Well, I ‘m assuming he doesn ‘t actually write them himself since he doesn ‘t have thumbs. But he definitely dictates them)

And honestly, thank goodness someone is willing to stand up on all four paws and get the people talking about the issues that REALLY matter, like pretending to throw the ball.

These injustices have gone on LONG ENOUGH!

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You can keep up with Baboy and all his activist endeavors over on his Instagram page

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