By: Sloane Hughes


Move Over, Goop, And Make Way For Stephen Colbert ‘s ‘Covetton Yurt ‘

If you ‘ve never heard of Goop or are unfamiliar with the concept of “lifestyle brands ‘, first of all, good for you. Secondly, buckle up ‘ this is one helluva ride. Lifestyle brands are what emerge when a mega-celebrity ponders the question, “How can I profit off of making everything about me? ‘ So whether the things being peddled are products like face cream made from powdered insect wings or services like camel milk home delivery doesn ‘t even really matter, you ‘re not really buying goods you ‘re buying the lifestyle.

After reading that, if your first thought was, “That sounds dumb as hell, ‘ great ‘ that means you get it.

The most lavish of all lifestyle brands, though, is Gwyneth Paltrow ‘s Goop.

Goop, named as such because, according to Gwyneth, “All big companies have two O ‘s in the name, ‘ is the home of all sorts of quality, everyday items such as coffee enemas, vampire repellent (at only $27, what a steal!) and 18k gold dumbbells.

You know, the basics.

Gwyneth isn ‘t the only one with a lifestyle to sell, though. Back in 2015 Stephen Colbert introduced his own brand, Covetton House, where you can purchase all the overpriced, luxurious junk necessary to live like Stephen.

And now that Goop is moving to the small screen at the end of the month in the upcoming series The Goop Lab on Netflix, Stephen decided it only made sense if he also launched a show through which to spew elegant nonsense.

Welcome, to Covetton Yurt.

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