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Getting The Very Last Pastry Is No Laughing Matter


It ‘s been a long day. There ‘s construction on your route to work so your commute took twice as long. The copy machine broke down halfway through printing your documents. Every time you got to the coffee pots they were empty. Now you ‘re fourth in line at your favorite caf ‘, and you see it. The one thing that could turn this day around. The last chance you have at buttery, flaky happiness before the sun sets on this day. The last croissant. It ‘s so close, just staring at you through the glass, practically whispering, “Take me, I ‘m yours. ‘ Finally, you get to the front of the front of the line, and now you and that most holy pastry can be together.

But is it everything you hoped it would be?

Did you hype up this croissant too much in your own mind? Did you set yourself up for heartbreak? Has it been sitting in the display case for too long? (Seriously how long has it been out for, like should you be worried?) Just because it ‘s the last croissant does that really mean it ‘s the best croissant???

Meh, either way, at least it ‘s only $2.50.

Jessica Redish can be found in all her hilarious glory on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and her website. So what are you still doing here?! Go check her out!


Written & Directed by Jessica Redish

Featuring Jenna Rossman & Drew Kopas

First Barista Julie Garner
Second Barista Amanda Forstrom
First Woman in Line Natalie Cutcher
Second Woman in Line Kathryn Zoerb
Customers Forrest A. Hainline IV, Sophie Schulman

Co-Producer, Director of Photography, Gaffer, Sound Engineer Jeff Fitzgerald

Music Supervisor Victoria Beits
Editor Lea Vrabelova

Special Thanks Takoma Beverage Co, United Airlines Flight 653, Chris Brown, May Adzema-Herold, Diana Ly, Janet Quinonez, Camille Michelle Gray, Edward & Janice Redish, M&D

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