By: Sloane Hughes

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Billy Porter ‘s Magical, Motorized Hat Is The Meme We Need And Deserve

Last night marked the 62nd Grammy Awards and everyone in attendance was dressed to the nines, but we only need to talk about one person.

Billy. Goddamn. Porter.

Billy is a Tony, Grammy, and Emmy Award-winning entertainer known for bringing the whole house down in FX ‘s Pose, Disney ‘s ‘Hercules, Don Bluth ‘s ‘Anastasia, and turning the hell out every single red carpet. The man has slayed every look from a full tuxedo ball gown to an entirely beaded gold outfit including WINGS. But just when you think he ‘s done it all, just when you say to yourself, “What other magic could Billy Porter possibly be capable of? ‘

He does this.

Billy Porter rolled up to the Grammys wearing a blue bell-bottom jumpsuit and matching coat and hat, all of which were completely covered in rhinestones and beaded tassels, and… guys…


Shut the front door.

Obviously once the Internet got ahold of it everyone put it to quick use, because, well ‘ this is already the best meme of 2020. Thank you, Billy, thank you for everything.

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