By: Sloane Hughes

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This Clip Of Alexis Literally Just Saying “DAVID ‘ Is The Funniest Thing Ever

At this point we can all agree, wholeheartedly, that Schitt ‘s Creek is utterly fantastic.

Every aspect of this show is perfection, the writing, the acting, and, of course, the Rose family ‘s very… err… unique way of speaking. Catherine O ‘Hara deserves every single award there is for her insanely hilarious Mid-Atlantic-meets-theatre accent and I could honestly listen to Dan Levy say, “Oh my god, ‘ in disgust all day long ‘ and then there ‘s Annie Murphy.

Listen. The way Annie Murphy, aka Alexis, says, “David! ‘ has absolutely no business being as funny as it is. It ‘s just a name! And a pretty standard name, at that! How is it so friggin ‘ hysterical every single time she says it?! HOW?! I don ‘t have answers. All I know is that it never gets any less funny, and as proof, someone put together a compilation video of Alexis Rose literally just saying, “David, ‘ and I laughed so hard I teared up.


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