By: Sloane Hughes

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This Dog Wears Bowties And Plays Piano. We, Frankly, Are Not Worthy

Long weekends are great, but trying to get back into the weekday swing of things after a precious Monday off can be pretty difficult. I ‘ve probably doubled my regular caffeine intake and this day has felt like it ‘s thirty years long. If I could describe my mood in one word right now it would be, “Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ‘

If you ‘re in the same boat and can ‘t shake that tired, sluggish, wishing-your-office-would-be-struck-by-a-meteor feeling, I ‘ve discovered a cure. Drugs! Just kidding, don ‘t do drugs at work.

(You can do a bit of drugs at work)

Getting back on track here, this, my friends, is guaranteed to give you that little extra boost to get through the rest of the day, maybe even the week. Are you ready? You ‘re not ready, but here it is.

It ‘s a dog.

In a bowtie.

Playing the piano.


His name is Buddy Mercury and not to be dramatic but I would lay down my life for this magnificent beast. And as if a single video of a hound throwing his head back and howling while he plays the piano isn ‘t already enough to turn your day around, there ‘s more. Buddy Mercury has an entire channel with, I shit you not, one-hundred-and-three videos. (I counted)

Someone please give him a Grammy. Maybe even a Nobel Prize.

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