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Ride-Or-Die Dog Joins Toddler For Time Out

We all know the saying, “Dogs are man ‘s best friend, ‘ but how far will they really go for us?

My 100-pound German shepherd got spooked by a rabbit in a bush one day and booked it down the forest path before I had time to say, “Hey dingus it ‘s just a bunny, ‘ so it ‘s a safe assumption that he isn ‘t going to protect me in the event of any life-or-death situations.

It ‘s fine, Zeppelin, I forgive you.

The furry companion of one boy, however, has proven that he really is man ‘s (or young boy ‘s) best friend through thick and thin.

Peyton Smith got into a bit of a tiff with his 3-year-old sister (hey man, we ‘ve all been there) and unfortunately actions have consequences, so his mom and jailer, Jillian Smith gave him the choice between going to his room or serving a time-out sentence. Peyton chose the time-out, and went to the designated time-out serving spot, but he wasn ‘t alone for long.

It only took a few minutes before the family ‘s English mastiff, Dash, joined his small, incarcerated friend.

When you're in time out but your best pal wont let you serve your time alone ‘2020JillianSmith

Posted by Jillian Marie Smith on ‘Sunday, January 26, 2020

Look at that face!! That is a face of true solidarity. I feel like they need some morose old-timey harmonica tunes in the background while they serve their time.

This is real loyalty.

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