By: Sloane Hughes

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Jack Black Has TikTok Now And Honestly, Thank God

Some of us are in week two of quarantine, some of us are in week three, but it ‘s impossible to tell in any case because it ‘s all blurring together. What day is it? Muesday, March 98th? That sounds about right. Not only do we all need some kind of entertainment to keep our spirits up, we need it to stay sane.

So, on that note,

Jack Black made a TikTok account.

If there is one thing I didn ‘t know I needed but I absolutely needed during this severely bleak time in history, it ‘s Jack Black dancing to pop music in cowboy boots and not much else. This does two things: breathes life back into me, and also affirm that throughout all this chaos, Jack Black is still doing okay, and I am immensely grateful for both.

Enjoy, retweet, sign up for TikTok purely for Jack Black.

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