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Australians Are Dressing Up To Take Out The Trash, Why Isn ‘t Everyone Doing This

In these days of isolation and social distancing it ‘s hard to find ways to keep yourself entertained. The sad reality is that eventually we ‘re all going to reach the end of Netflix, and one can only rearrange one ‘s spice cabinet so many times. However, some people out there have started to get pretty creative in how they have fun and stay sane with the strict limitations we ‘re currently faced with.

Communities of Australians and New Zealanders realized pretty quickly that the only real outside time they ‘re guaranteed is when it ‘s time to take out the trash. It ‘s definitely not the most exciting or glamorous of activities, but hey, at least it ‘s something.

So, to really make the most of those precious outdoor moments to and from the curb, they ‘ve started dressing up for it.

And luckily for everyone, there ‘s an entire Facebook group where everyone showcases their garbage day costumes.

After looking through some of the posts, I gotta say, I ‘m now convinced everyone should throw their best costumes on to take the trash out even after this pandemic is long over.

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