By: Matt Harbert


Lin-Manuel ‘s Mario (Hamilton Parody)

Lin-Manuel Miranda has struck gold again with his new hit musical “Mario ‘. He crafts the story of the adventurous plumber that grew up in a town of toadstools only to fawn over the only other human in Mushroom Kingdom.
Lyrics below for all you Mario fanatics that will for sure be singing this at karaoke:
It ‘s a me a mario I ‘d like to lighten the load you see

I ‘ve seen the need for me to be the pumber that could take the lead

I know it ‘s a bit of a hassle – I know

that Peach is in another castle

I ‘ve seen this castle I ‘ve plumbed these halls

with flowers I make fire ballsI can see that you need me

I ‘m not a coward like Luigi

He deals with ghosts that are spookyI turn to statues with my tanooki

suit and giant boot the point is moot

I stop bullet bills after they shoot

You need a plumber fights with power that can fight bowser

That has a fire inside more than any fire flower and will never cower

Bowser ‘s insane that ‘s what madness is

But I had a dream where I threw radishes

That killed Wart cuz he was paleo

and I will never fail you toad.

In my dream you and I were on a team

I ‘m not a shy guy, but by that I mean

Mr. Toad sirIf I have the ok, get your nod-on

I ‘ll explode Toad, on Bowser like a bob-omb

Cuz it ‘s a me a mario

Yes it ‘s a me a mario

I ‘m a plumber and I ‘ll tell ya Toad

Let ‘s a go – let ‘s a gooo.

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