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Here In My Garage: How I Went From Broke To Buying A Lamborghini

Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur and not a scam artist. He has a Lamborghini in his garage. Want to know how he did it? Just follow his 68 Steps (one more than 67 Steps!). This is a parody video of a YouTube pre-roll ad by Tai Lopez. Full Credits: Actors: Tai Lopez – John Timothy Clone #1 – Nate Dern Clone #2 – Matt Klinman Bookie – Carmine Garritano Writer / Director – Nate Dern Producer – Rob Hatch-Miller Editor – Matt Mayer Production Assistant – Jack Walden

Auto-tune The News Part 7

The news is always better with auto-tune, this one is all about texting, sexting, rhyming and pat buchanan failing.