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The Funniest Pumpkin Carving Fails On The Internet

One of the most entertaining parts of Halloween is pumpkin carving. We ‘ve all been there: sitting at a table with our tools, our pumpkin, a glass of wine and endless possibilities of creating an unforgettable piece of art. I don ‘t know about you, but once I cut off the top of the pumpkin, remove the millions of seeds and draw my design of choice on it, I'm already exhausted, totally over it, and ready to punch a hole through it with my fist.

So, folks, we ‘ve gathered the most epic pumpkin carving fails for your entertainment:

I ‘ve never been more terrified of a happy face

This person thought we wouldn ‘t notice that the carving is actually made of tape

Me, every time I try to carve a pumpkin

Is this supposed to be Swiss cheese?

-FRIEND: What are you gonna carve on your pumpkin?

-ME: Oh, just a big hole

This person ‘s creativity knows no bounds

I ‘m going to paint my pumpkin brown and call it a turd

I think you carved it the wrong way…

This is straight up disgusting

You ‘re doing amazing, sweetie

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