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This Device Will Keep Any Man Faithful

Men, am I right?

Can ‘t live with them, can ‘t legally strangle them even when they definitely deserve it. If only there was a surefire way to keep their eyes and their minds (both the one upstairs and the one downstairs) from wandering.

Well, look no further than the technological wonder that is The Dicktator!

This battery-powered dick muzzle is the perfect tool to give your man a little nudge, or rather, a little zap in the right direction ‘ away from that hot brunette at his office. The Dicktator is here to give you peace of mind, and only slight third degree burns to the fast and loose man in your life.

Order now and turn “If only, ‘ into “TAKE THAT YOU TWO-TIMING SONOFABITCH! ‘

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Produced by Tom Watts (@thomcrown) Jacob VanDenBerg (@seehowtheysnide) & ‘Adam Bussell (@adambussell)

Writer Tom Watts (@thomcrown)
Director Adam Fynke (@adamfynke)
Director of Photography Lucas Miller (@lucasdarrinmiller)
Gaffer Edgar Aragon (@er.aragon)
Audio Dillon Kane (@old_king_kane)
Graphics/Animation Colin Knighton (
Post Sound/Mix Aidan Barrer @bizzairofficial
Production Company DYNMC Creative @dynmc_creative

Spokesman Tom Watts @thomcrown
Michael Adam Bussell @adambussell
Michelle Callista McMaye @callistaxmaye
Poolside Babe Barbara Rosales @barbara_rose
Spokesman ‘s Wife Janiela Patrone @patroneshotsxo

Special thanks to Cliff Watts and Child support studios ‘(

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