By: Sloane Hughes

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This Bakery Makes Corgi Butt-Shaped Buns, Please, Take All My Money

It ‘s impossible to rank dogs and we shouldn ‘t even try. All dogs are good, end of discussion. However, it is possible to rank the best features of dogs, but it ‘s not easy. The snoots, especially when they do that twitchy thing in their sleep? When the tips of their tongues just barely stick out of their mouths? The little pads of their paws that look like koala bears? (It ‘s true, look at your dog ‘s paws right now, they look like tiny koalas) Razor-sharp puppy teeth? There are so many wonderful things!! But I think we can all agree on what takes the number one spot.

Fluffy. Corgi. Butts.


Fluffy corgi butts are probably the only thing to have ever made me go, “HEHEHEHEHEHE, ‘ out loud and I ‘m not ashamed to admit that. In fact, they ‘re so loved by so many people that one bakery in Japan was inspired to create Corgi butt bread.

I guess you could just call them Corgi buns.

The bakery is called Utiwapayna and its located in Sapporo. And maybe it ‘s just me, but jam and custard-filled buns shaped like fluffy dog butts seems like a perfectly reasonable excuse for an impromptu vacation to Japan.

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