By: Sloane Hughes

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John Mulaney ‘s Return To SNL Was A Friggin ‘ Gift

John Mulaney is no stranger to Saturday Night Live. Not only was he a writer for the show and one of the comedy geniuses behind the glory that is Stefon, this past weekend marked his third time hosting, and if he could come back to host once every season that ‘d be just great, thanks. Listen, comedy, like all art, is subjective, and everyone has a right to their opinion. But this isn ‘t a matter of opinion, this is a matter of fact, and the fact is, John Mulaney is a goddamn national treasure and we must protect him at all costs.

Those who watched his second time hosting back in 2019 will recall the musical wonder that was “Bodega Bathroom ‘, and I am so, SO thrilled to be able to report that round three saw even more musical numbers full of the same whimsy, hilarity, and occasionally, horror.

Coronavirus Cold Open

Y ‘know, we don ‘t get enough Mike Pence from SNL, but this cold open has definitely given us everything we ‘ve been lacking and more. Plus, John Mulaney as Joe Biden is an unexpected riot.

Sound of Music: Rolf and Liesl

This sketch proved one thing: Cecily Strong and John Mulaney need their own musical and it needs to run for centuries so that when our society is long gone and aliens find our remains, the first things they ‘ll find from our civilization are records of Cecily Strong and John Mulaney in said musical.

Airport Sushi

This is it. This is the Magnum Opus from the entire episode. The one thing we were all waiting for that we didn ‘t know we needed but we desperately did, a dramatic musical number all about the horror that is airport sushi.

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