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Article by Kat Curtis

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“The Witcher ‘ Told As Princess Bride

Picture this: similar to The Princess Bride – you are home sick from school. You have your own bedroom and a video game system you can play without leaving your bed. Um, can someone say BEST DAY EVER!?

Well, it WAS the best day ever, until your lame grandpa busts into your room and insists on reading to you (ew Grandpa – who even reads anymore!?). Even worse, he wants to read you a predictable rom-com “kissing story ‘ book? About some girl named Buttercup!? EW!!

However, instead of reading you a stereotypical love story with flirty one-liners and soft kisses, Gramps pulls a 180 and starts recapping gruesome and *very* adult tales from The Witcher. ‘

Is this cooler than a video game? Oh yeah.

Is it low key inappropriate that Grandpa is reading stories of gory medieval warfare and intense sexual situations to a child who hasn ‘t hit puberty yet? SURE IS! ‘

‘but are we hanging off every last word Grandpa says? YOU BET!

So cozy up and watch this mashup combine the two very opposite worlds of The Princess Bride and The Witcher. It ‘ll take you on an adventure that no video game ever could.


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